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What others are saying

  • “When it comes [to the point] that I can’t take care of my house, I need to get downsized. And they gave all kinds of ideas–good ideas!”

    Anne Harper
  • They helped me a lot in deciding on the right people to come into my house and sell it.

    Jeanne Carroll
  • There are a lot of professional people available in the area who can help with questions and to help you to work out [downsizing], so you aren’t doing it all by yourself.

    Ann Gazelle
  • We found a lot of options and ideas that we really hadn’t thought about.

    Jean Tuttle
  • I learned there’s a lot to downsizing. It’s not quite as easy as you might think! You have to start making your plans way before you think you need them.

    Gail Baldwin
  • The two things that hit me were the emotional aspect–the idea that your home is your memory box–and I know for many women…how do I let go of those very things?

    Marilyn Glynn
  • It just reaffirmed a lot of the things we’ve been thinking about. So it’s really been a great asset for us.

    Rich Tuttle
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