I’m finding homes on the internet. Do I need my own Realtor?

I get it. You are a DIY-er and you can find lots of great information (and houses!) on the internet so why get tangled up with a high-pressure salesperson? The truth is: you don’t have to. Just like anything else you CAN buy a house without independent representation. And if the homeowner is not using a Realtor, you both CAN buy and sell without any representation. The real question is why would you NOT want a professional on your side? Think of it like buying a car; you CAN buy a car online without assistance. But what if it cost you nothing to be advised on the best choice by an expert who has years of experience with that car? What if a mechanic would look over that car for you to make sure you are getting a car that has a minimum of unseen problems? And what if you got free great advice on what that car will be worth if you decide to sell it in 2-3 years? Wouldn’t that be the better choice for a big investment? It’s the same thing (on an even bigger investment!) when buying a home. Your Realtor is an advocate for YOUR interests with no obligation to the Seller. A good Realtor is not high-pressure, in fact, most Realtors want your business for a lifetime, so they are going to work to earn your trust the FIRST time. Your Realtor doesn’t get paid unless and until you buy a home. So, go with the wise choice: hire a good Realtor. The Kathy Chiero Group of Keller Williams Greater Columbus is a team of great Realtors ready to go to work for you. Find us a www.OurOhioHome.com