“The Prayer”

I’m Kathy Chiero. Usually I’m talking to river listeners about houses. Today given the enormity of the challenge facing our nation, I want to pray.

Father I thank you first that you are God. There is nothing we are facing as a people, a family, or a nation of which you are unaware. With that knowledge I ask that you give divine wisdom, clarity, and direction to our government leaders; I pray that you give strength, patience, and protection to the medical and emergency professionals attending our sick. I pray for physical healing of those afflicted and peace to their families. I pray that you give us the compassion to find the lonely and scared that we can be your arms to reach out to our neighbors. Finally, I pray that this trying time be a reminder of the precious gift that life is, the limitations of our human abilities and the utter dependence we have on you. In Jesus name I pray.